My friendship with Piotr has been burning slowly for a while now. The truth is, we have been like two Alpha males circling each other, seeing what the other has and if friendship will be rewarding. I am glad to say that the primitive lizard brain that we share has also allowed us to mark our turf and unite in a friendship that continues to grow and surprise.

The single thing I love about Piotr is I understand him. In fact I understand him without verbal communication, which is perfect as we both like a bit of shared quiet time. In the world of all things “Zoom Zoom”, this would be called an energy connection and they might just be right. We are connected, we both know it. We just don’t talk about it that much. (By the way, Zoom Zoom is a term Piotr coined used for describing anything spiritual)

It’s fair to say that Piotr is a rare gem unearthed from the past. A time where his lack of patience, blunt honesty, and disdain for suffering fools would have been applauded. But time has passed and the world now values influence over experience and intelligence.

Like so many physically capable friends, Piotr’s future and his perceived success ebbs and flows with the ocean tides he loves so much. When I look at my mate Piotr in moments of quiet, I know if he could set sail, live off his wits, cunning and guile he would be living his true purpose and never have to fake it again.

Piotr is a strong friend for a hard conversation and a hard hand for a tough situation. He is a not so subtle dose of truth in a world where honesty can be as fleeting as votes in a popularity contest.

Piotr is a friend, a non-judgmental mirror of your soul — a mirror that looks you straight in the eye and never lies even if the truth hurts.

Because for Piotr, this is what a friend is and I am pleased he is a friend of mine.

Piotr is secretive, strong and somewhat stoic. A friend I have known for a while, yet a friend I can honestly say I will never really know. You see Piotr is a man in constant transformation. We all talk about living in the now, letting go of the past and not worrying about the future. Well I think more than anyone I know even if he doesn’t realize it, Piotr is a living example of this. He really doesn’t give a fuck what you think about him.

He doesn’t have the stickers and certificates that says he is qualified for life, but he does wear the scars that proves he lives it, and shares the thoughts that can only be described as moments of wisdom.

It’s interesting.

When you begin to create and explore with your friends in the actual world, face to face, energy to energy, it quickly dawns on you that life is a lot like a stunning rainforest that’s teeming with diversity and beauty.

Looking forward to the next session.


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