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Matt Byway is what I would call a mate. Although Matt is a newish friend he was generous and brave enough to be the first cab-off-the-rank for my new photography project, “Truth About Friends”.

From the moment I met Matt at a beachside cafe in Sanur I found his open attitude, generous thoughts and honest insights allowed me to feel instantly connected. Sure Matt is a good looking, confident young man but as always there is a whole lot more to discover than meets the eye.

As we shared time together I had a strong feeling that I had met a real fighter — not a guy that goes around overpowering others, but a man who has seen the scars life can leave and decided that was not for him.

So what is Matt fighting for?

Matt is fighting to be the very best he can be, simple as that. He knows the worst and now walks a different path. Matt’s fighting soul has a sense of social justice that flows naturally from his every pore. Matt fights to be better everyday, not to impress others but to ask and answer the hard question and evolve to become more than the man he sees staring back in the mirror every morning.

His journey has been pitted with life’s ups and downs, and these extreme experiences have shaped him into the man we see before us now. He has been blessed with lessons from those he sees as role models but also been blessed with a questioning mind that searches the reality that we all share and ask Why?

Why does it have to be that way? Why can it be better? Why can’t we be better than this?

This spirit came through in our session as the mask we all wear was replaced by a fighter I believe I captured. Thank you for the privilege of sharing this session and thank you for fighting.

Thank you Matt.


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